Our company was founded in 1998 as a family business with a small staff. During the two decades we have developed and evolved much, so that now we work with a staff between 30-40 people, with the newest machines and in accordance with the EU standards.

The firm’s main field of activity is fruit and vegetable processing and conservation, which products are sold under the brand name of Baby Cons. Next to this we are engaged in the wholesale and distribution of basic foods, cleaning products, fruits and vegetables. Basic foods and spices packed by us have become well known under the name of Carino.

On the field of fruit and vegetable processing we have reached outstanding results in Transylvania, but our products are consumed with pleasure all over the country, moreover beyond the boundaries of the country, as well. Our more than 50 types of products are produced using our own recipes and raw materials purchased from local producers, such as: pickled vegetables, jams, fruit compotes, tomato juices, bean stew, ratatouille, canned vegetables etc.

Due to our direct connection and personalized attention to the costumer we managed to create a loyal customer base, which includes not only distributor partners, but even numerous public institutions from all over the country.

Our main goal is that our delicious products with homely taste and a good price-value equation, without any additives to get to more and more households and institutes.