Our website uses cookies to provide you with a better browsing experience.

Cookies play an important role in facilitating and accelerating access to various services that a user may be part of while browsing the internet. For example:

  • customize certain settings, such as the language in which a page is viewed, the currency in which prices are displayed, and the options for products in the shopping cart
  • cookies give website owners valuable feedback on how users use their websites in order to make them even more efficient and accessible
  • allow multimedia or other types of applications from other sites to be stored on a particular page in order to create a more valuable, useful, and enjoyable browsing experience
  • improve the effectiveness of online advertising

A cookie is a small, alphanumeric attachment that is stored on a user’s computer, mobile device, or other device from which they can connect to the Internet.

Cookies in themselves do not require personal information in order to be used, and in most cases do not personally identify the Internet user.
A cookie contains information that establishes a connection between a browser (user) and a specific web server (website). If a browser reconnects to that web server, he can read the information already stored and can respond accordingly. Cookies provide users with a pleasant browsing experience and make an effort with multiple websites to provide users with convenient services: e.g. online privacy preferences, website language options, shopping cart options, or relevant advertising.

You can delete all cookies from your computer and set them to block them in most browsers. If you do this, you may need to set some preferences manually each time you visit the website. However, some services or options may not work.

Rejecting or disabling cookies may make some websites unusable or difficult to use. However, rejecting cookies does not mean that you will not receive / see online advertisements in the future.

The table below shows the types and lifetimes of cookies used by our company: